Monday, December 31, 2007


You are probably wondering about the name. I don't blame you. It is kind of ridiculous, but let me explain.

The term foodwaza came about as a result of my Aikido training. As I have come to know it, "-waza" means technique (for example, suwariwaza are techniques done while kneeling). Early in my training, I starting turning everything (Aikido related or not) into waza, more to make my friends laugh than anything else. When I was tired, I took a napwaza. When I felt sad, I needed some hugwaza or some friendwaza. And, when I was hungry? Foodwaza.

What is interesting to me about this is that food really is a practice that we follow every day (if we are fortunate) for our entire lives. Thats right...eating is a practice (I know, one that you have down pat, right?). And, much like any other discipline (Tai chi, playing the violin, washing your dishes at night...) foodwaza can developed through mindfulness. What I mean by this is paying attention to your food (how it was cooked, where it came from, how it tastes, how it makes you feel, etc., etc.) can help you grow in other areas of your life. Whew. I just got philosophical on you.

The point is that this little blog was developed as an outlet for and a document of my lifelong practice of the foodwaza. I often times feel that food is such a personal subject for people that it is often difficult to talk about. I just wanted a place to put down some ideas and share, for anyone else interested. There is really no agenda other than communication of some food-related ideas. I will try to focus on a few elements that are important for me, listed here in no particular order:

1) Eating locally (and no, this does not mean eating at the McDonald's on the corner).

2) Food as a community-builder.

3) Food as a healer (for your brain, body, and soul)

4) Food as awesome (um. yeah. Want to share some recipes?)

So, thats it. Please email me or leave a comment if you have a recipe or story that you want to share, or if you have any good tips (like where the best farmers markets are). I know there are others out there just as excited about food as I am, and want to develop foodwaza in their lives too. Please share with me.

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Keren said...

here, here for food!

i believe that the switch for our society to a comprehensive local food system (or rather, many systems, since they will be different for every socio-political/geographical/ecological niche) should be at the base of a much-needed revolution, or rather, a much-needed overhaul of civilization.

i will contribute thoughts and recipes, for sure! thanks for posting those food blog links... i tried the "homemade and natural thin mint cookie" recipe from "101cookbooks," and they were a HUGE hit. yum...